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About Catch

Unleashing the power of AI to reshape the cyber security landscape, offering innovative solutions to protect the vulnerable.

An elderly person being taught on how to identify scams in their email.


To protect the vulnerable from cyber scams.


Cyber scam protection for a user’s entire digital landscape.


When one of our own family members fell victim to a horrendous cyber scam we learned the financial and emotional damage it can cause to all those involved. Upon picking up the pieces, we made it our mission to protect others from these terrible crimes.

Cyber scams are growing more prevalent

With the emergence of AI, cyber scams are becoming more sophisticated.


Reported amount lost last year.


Year over year increase.


Estimated amount lost last year.

Featured News

Stay up to date with scams in the news.

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What makes Catch Different?

Catch is designed to operate in the background so you and your loved ones can navigate confidently.

Dedicated Scam Support

Help is just a phone call away when you need it.

Multiple Devices

Catch works on any device where your Gmail account operates.

Easy to Use

Catch is designed to seamlessly fit into your email workflow.

24/7 Protection

Catch is always protecting in the background.

It's like having a tech-savvy guardian angel

Nathan Smeltzer

Meet the founders

We are a group of people who are fed up with online scams.

Clark Hoefnagels

CEO / Founder

Uri Pearl

Head of Distribution / Founder

Daniel Greenblum

Head of Product / Founder

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